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It’s fundamental that staff at the Trust are transparent and adhere to both our local policy and guidance set out by NHS England and declare any appropriate conflicts of interest against the clearly defined rules. Our ‘decision making staff’ are required to make either positive or nil declarations, aligned to each financial year. All other staff grades of staff are required to make positive declarations on receipt of any gift, hospitality or sponsorship or any known interest that may be a conflict to them and the Trust.

In accordance with NHS England Guidance the Public Register displays declarations of interest made by our staff. The Summary section displays totals for the selected financial year. The Declarations section displays a list of recent declarations, which can be viewed individually.

Please note that the Trust launched its Declare site on 1 October 2019 and the number of declarations may remain relatively low until the 2019/2020 financial year has ended.


Financial Year
Staff TypeStaff CountStaff That Have Made A DeclarationStaff That Have Not Made A DeclarationTotal Number of Declarations Made
Non Contracted5150189
Decision Makers13727875851348
Non Decision Makers1058628210304343


Total Records: 1432
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25/01/2021 - Leila Ferguson
Consultant Dermatologist
Nil Declaration
01/11/2019 - Kirk Jones
Chief Contracts Accountant
Loyalty Interests
23/01/2021 - Atefa Hossain
Nil Declaration
21/01/2021 - Antonia Clarke
Consultant Paediatric
Nil Declaration
21/01/2020 - Antonia Clarke
Consultant Paediatric
Nil Declaration
21/01/2021 - Declan Johnson
Clinical Private Practice
19/01/2021 - Nikolaos Papadakos
Consultant General Radiology
Outside Employment
10/11/2020 - William Uprichard
Sponsored Events - £750.00
28/09/2020 - Maximillian Habibi
Outside Employment
07/01/2021 - Nicholas Gosling
Clinical Skills & Simulation Manager
Nil Declaration
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Civica Declare Version 4.10



You can filter the interest declaration records by a combination of interest type, job role, value, period, and keyword. The keyword field compares the string you enter to both the full name of the staff member associated with the declaration as well as the description. Note that when filtering by 'Total to date' all interests that are continuous by nature will be returned against every search.

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